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Our story

Simply put – we were business owners looking for a better way to do online marketing for our real estate and technology companies. At the time, the tools we used were fragmented, hard to use and only supported basic integration to our website and social media channels. In short – they were making it harder for us to do marketing and manage leads.

So – starting in 2017 we created Inzo Software and began developing our flagship product MyRealtyWorks, with the goal of simplifying and automating digital marketing and lead generation for real estate professionals. 

Shortly thereafter, the response and feedback from clients has been phenomenal. So great in fact, that other businesses outside of the real estate world approached our team to create similar solutions for their industries.

Fast forward to today – and Inzo Software Inc. is launching product lines supporting businesses in the real estate, legal, field service and medical industries as well as for general small and e-commerce businesses. In addition, our marketing solutions are available for small businesses in 6 different countries around the globe. Pretty neat!

But enough about us...

We’re interested in learning more about YOU!

How are sales? How’s your lead flow? What methods are you using to get your website discovered and to generate loads of traffic?!? And most importantly – how can we help you?

We would love an opportunity to discuss your needs in depth and partner with you to become your virtual “digital marketing team”. If you have questions about our marketing products or what we can do for you, please contact us directly.