Websites & Digital Marketing Services

A virtual marketing agency that is truly your partner!

Websites & Pages

We design, build and manage a completely custom website that meets your specific needs and aims to achieve your online marketing goals. Some areas we focus on include:

User Focused Design & Mobility

In 2019, more and more people are searching for content online from their mobile device. In fact, this year Google started ranking websites that are mobile friendly and have good design higher than those that aren’t? We build every website to be responsive AND easy to user on any device.

Landing Pages & Squeeze Pages

We not just trying to get you new leads – we build things to attract qualified leads. This means that they need to work through the your sales funnel and be an interested and viable potential customer for you to engage with. In short – we try to make sure you’re not spinning your wheels on junk leads.

Hosting & Backend Technology

As you’re probably aware – if your website takes some time to load… your visitors leave. They don’t wait for those amazing pictures or that awesome video you created. Well guess what- take note of this too… and it can hurt your search ranking. That’s why we’ve implemented a fast, secure and redundant web hosting platform using a the leading WordPress hosting provider out there – WPEngine.

All the... "Small Things"!

Hundreds of web design, SEO, back linking and optimization best practices are implemented with each website. Details like compressing your videos; branded naming conventions, using alt tags; proper page canonization and other technical mumbo-jumbo… these are all handled for you before and after your website launch. Most of our competitors don’t sweat the small stuff. We do – because it’s the small stuff that gets you ranked on Google!

Our Website Design Process

We’ll interview you and learn about your challenges, your needs and your goals as it relates to digital marketing. If you have a current website – we analyze it and provide a comprehensive report on how it ranks and stacks up against your competition.

Once we have the goals, needs and target areas / markets identified – we’ll devise a cohesive web site strategy and efficient structure for you that will maximize conversions and increase search ranking of your website.

In this phase, we present you with options, models and page designs to consider for your custom website, landing and squeeze pages.

We’ll review all of the content your provide to us and recommend changes, edits and additions to ensure that it is aligned with your SEO strategy. This is key to helping your website improve its search ranking.

In addition to the creation of your mobile-friendly custom website, every marketing plan we offer includes custom materials that are developed just for you. Depending on your plan, this content could be images, icons, videos, digital ads, banners, page text and other useful website materials.

Internal testing is an ongoing process throughout the development life-cycle. However, in this phase we provide YOU the opportunity to review and test your site in a “staging” area prior to go-live. We also conduct training sessions for you and your team and show you how to use the CRM & business automation features.

Once you have signed off and approved your website, we schedule the launch. On the day we “go-live”, we publish your new website, notify search engines, hook it up your other marketing channels in your package (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and begin the technical backend processes of getting your site indexed and ranked in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization & Digital Ad Management

We do the heavy lifting on keyword review & analysis, SEO, website speed optimizations & Google/Facebook Ads - to generate more leads to your website

Keyword Strategy & Content Review

Having a great looking website with the wrong content or keywords simply won’t work. Google doesn’t care how awesome your pictures are – it judges you based on how relevant your content is to what people are searching for.

When customers search online, engines like Google use a secret formula that analyzes your content, its structure and its popularity to determine whether to show a link to it or not. And to make things a tad more interesting – they change this “formula” frequently.

That’s where our SEO services come in. With these plans we review and adjust your keywords, content, page ratios, images, technical SEO and more to hep search engines rank your pages better – and drive more leads your way.

Google & Facebook Campaign Management

Pay per click advertising (commonly known as PPC) is a digital marketing method where you can have ads shown as people search online – and simply pay a fee if they click on your ad. Pretty simple, eh?

Not so fast. While setting up campaigns on these platforms is pretty straightforward, managing the campaign so ensure that you are maximizing clicks, targeting quality leads and not wasting your money – that’s an entirely different ballgame.

Our digital ads management services does this for you. Once we work with you to identify how leads should find you, our team implements, measures & adjust your campaigns to ensure you’re maximizing your PPC costs.

Ad Design & Development

Every marketing plan in for each of our product solutions includes some type of design and development of digital ads that can be used to advertise your company, brand, products and services online.

All customers get an initial set of core ads they can use as templates for their marketing needs. From there, using our proprietary software – you are able to easily reuse these templates and/or create custom designs of material like digital ads, post cards, flyers, email templates and more.

Website Back-linking

Included with our MASTER marketing subscriptions plans is our back-linking services. A “back-link” is a link from one website back to yours. Search engines often view these as “votes” for your site and, as such, rank sites with more and quality back-links higher than sites without them. 

Within this subscription plan, our team aims to generate 2-5 qualified back-links per month to help bolster your website in search ranking and ultimately, get you noticed by more potential customers..

CRM & Marketing Automation

Easy to use software that helps you track, manage, market and grow your business.

Contact Management with Inzo Software Solutions

Easy CRM

Track leads, contacts, properties, notes, SMS, files, meetings, events and more in a simple, easy to use CRM system

Email and SMS Communication with Inzo Software Solutions

Communication Hub

Send, receive & manage multiple email accounts, text messages and chats from a single, unified & searchable inbox

Marketing Platform and file storage

Marketing Platform

Create, store and send emails, files, flyers, post cards, blogs, newsletters and more from built-in design center

Website Integration with Inzo Software Solutions

Web Integrated

Capture leads, auto-respond to contacts, update content and view real-time website statistics & information

Team Sales Management with Inzo Software Solutions

Team Management

Manage multiple teams, automatically assign or transfer leads, listings and files and track agent progress

Group management with Inzo Software Solutions

Built-In Community

Connect with others, form & join groups, follow pages and more in a built-in community specific to your industry